Sketchbook: some 10-minute sketches

Updated on 22 February 2017 (Harvard referencing).

21 April 2016. I do not get many opportunities these days to sit down and spend time with my sketchbook. So I started a little project, which I call the “10 minutes I have before collecting my son” series. On some afternoons my son spends some hours after school at the centre for deaf children. Since there exists the absurd regulation that we must not pick up our children before a certain time, and not after either, I often have 10 minutes to wait until the doors are opened.

Here come some of the sketches I made over the last few months during my 10 minute waits (Fig. 1 – 10 below). I often have to stop early, so they remain rudimentary, but I am learning to concentrate on the most important aspects of a view and so I think the time limit is a very valuable aspect of the exercise.

Figure 1. Building site at a busy crossroads
Figure 2a. Scribbles                                                                   Figure 2b. Flats near the school
Figure 3. Preliminary sketch for Painting 1 exercise of piece of fruit, made in car while waiting (Part 1)
Figure 4. Rear mirror view
Figure 5. Persons in playground, quick sketches
Figure 6a. Bush near carpark                                          Figure 6b. Car keys
Figure 7a. Girl on swing                                                 Figure 7b. Wooden structure of picnic table
Figure 8. Andräkirche in the city of Salzburg, view from Mirabellgarten
Figure 9a. Red scooter parker on pavement                   Figure 9b. Plant in flowerbed at school
Figure 10. Trees in school park

I can see that I am starting to develop my very own style of drawing and I am happy how my mark-making develops. One or two of the sketches I might use later in the course. Hopefully I will be able to develop in a similar way the marks I use in painting.