Part 5, projects and exercises (note)

Updated on 25 March 2017 (contents).

14 January 2017. When starting to plan my approach to this part of the course I soon found that I would want to include my projects into the work for the assignment pieces rather than completing them separately. My chosen subject (shadows) would produce quite different final results and no series in the true sense of the word. Therefore I adapted my strategy to go through a complete set of required exercises in preparation for each assignment piece and described them in detail together with the respective assignment work.

25 March 2017. After having received feedback on Assignment 5 from my tutor, suggesting that my strategy was not working in the intended way especially with regard to viewing during assessment, I was advised to rearrange my approach. Thus from this point onwards there are some posts covering similar aspects of my work.



Artist research: Grayson Perry

Updated on 12 March 2017 (Harvard referencing).

17 October 2016. Born in the UK in 1960 ceramic, quilt and cross-dressing artist and 2003 Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry derives his subjects from a world of sad experience far off my own tracks. What on the Saatchi Gallery’s website is described as “cosmopolitan folk art” (Saatchi Gallery, n.d.), appears to me to contain multiple intricately interwoven layers of storytelling. This is where a connection is made, because this complex storytelling is what I want to achieve in my own work. To me Perry’s unusual supports for his stories show strong commitment in going through the stages required to arrive at such results, see e.g. his tapestry titled “The Digmoor Tapestry” (Perry, 2016). Although his style has no particular emotional appeal to me, looking at his results gives me a great headache, because it is exactly this laborious process of developing a project which I am struggling with. I can only hope that I may not run into problems with OCA requirements at some point, because of the inalterable time constraints I am and will be facing for years to come.


Perry, G. (2016) The Digmoor Tapestry [textile] [online]. Paragon Press, London. Available at: Accessed 17 October 2016]

Saatchi Gallery (n.d.) Grayson Perry [online]. Saatchi Gallery, London. Available at: [Accessed 17 October 2016]

Introducing an own Project: Edible Pancake Portraits

17 August 2016. Something that always accompanies me when making pancakes (not the fluffy kind made in Britain, but the ones you find in Austria made with a liquid dough and rolled up with jam inside):
There is always a little dough left, not enough for a proper pancake, but too much to throw away. So usually I make surprise a criss-cross of lines or a smiley and bake them for our son to eat.
Last time I had another idea: To my great joy I find that I am increasingly able to draw recognizable portraits now using just a few lines, within no time at all. So, with a little preplanning of the necessary movements this should also be possible using pancake dough.
It might be a silly idea, but I would like to give it a try.
When I find something worth reporting, I will add it to my blog.