Preparation for assessment: overview over changes to be made after tutor feedback

Updated on 25 March 2017 (Harvard referencing).

17 February 2017. In order not to confuse myself and fellow students following my blog I will shortly summarize here the changes I will need to be making to my coursework and blog to fit assessment requirements.

Minor changes to the whole blog:

  • All my posts will be updated with referencing corrected to fit the Harvard system.
  • Study visits in the area of Salzburg are planned between now and assessment cut-off in May. Reports to be added.

Major reworking of Part 5 of the course:

  • The sequence of posts will be rearranged to fit the sequence of projects and exercises in the study guide. This means that I will take parts from my assignment posts covering exercise work, copy them into the separate exercise posts and supplement them with additional exercises, some of which already exist but I had not considered worth posting in the light of my (failed) approach to Part 5 and some of which I will work on in the weeks to come.
  • The additional exercise work I will hopefully be doing in a larger sketchbook better suited for using paint (given I can buy one), and only there, as my tutor pointed out that otherwise exercise work may be unsuitable for assessors to be inspected within the given timeframe. My annotations I will try and make consistent throughout and more legible.
  • Exercises will not be done with a goal in mind, but playfully without intentions other than observing, accompanied by ample written-down analysis for personal gain in developing my project on shadows.
  • Additional artist research will be published in separate posts and slightly different regarding the conclusions made, with a main focus on information for my personal development.
  • The above exercises and research completed I will go over my assignment posts again and update them accordingly with the new information.

This is the plan and I will be needing to put up reminder signs in my workshop in order not to fall back into old habits. The changes I hope to be able to complete while starting to work on my next course, Understanding Painting Media (Lacher-Bryk, 2017).


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